Saturday, June 19, 2010


huhuh... akhirnyer aku tahu gak lagu yg aku cari selama ni.... punye la lama lagu tu dah kua... tinggal nk download jer.... pasni nk cari caller ringtone nyer plak.. hehheeh.... to abg syok2.... akhirnye sy dpt cari sendiri... abg x nk bg tau ape tajuknyer kan... lastnyer dpt tahu gak.. :-p (heehee mcmla abg syok2 tu bc ape yg ditulis kt cni kan..)
ni lirik lagunyer....
I cant recognize who i am
when i'm lookin in a mirror(mirror, no, no ,no ,no)
shackled by the love i have for you
and i know that u feelin the same
we were once both 2 beautiful minds
attracted to each other
the differences that we had
somewhere along the line we kinda lost out way
so im not just gonna sit around
and let u forget what we were
once there was strength in being together
we need to find keys out of this prison
locked in a prison
in a prison i know that we made
ohhhhoo ohhhoo ooo
why cant we be like the birds an the bees
livin for each day
locked in love, your love, my love, it's our love
it's such a shame uhoo uhoo uhoo
i cant remember the moments
we shared
when im staring at the pictures
no no no noooo
the ones we hung on the wall
why cant we be like that today(today,today)
we we're once both glowing with love
drawn into each other(lovin every moment we spent)
(what can we do to recover that)
how did we get so blind
how do we find a way
how it ended up this way
wooohow nooooo
i dont wanna let this go
nooo ooooo ooo
(i dont wanna let this go)
(i dont wann let it fade)
(i dont wanna walk away)
(but i cant carry on this way)
(i dont wanna let this go)
(i dont wann let it fade)
(i dont wanna walk away)
(but i cant carry on this way)
hah!.. begitu la liriknyer....


Che'Ai said...
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Che'Ai said...

wahh !! tp ape tajoknye yu?? nt leh aku donlod juge~ weeee ;p

mmm~ oh ya! mesti ko cx bole tgk blog aku kn~ act aku dh tukau url --> hehe

cokelate.... said...

locked in love